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Covert Gps Tracking Birmingham UK

At Covert GPS Tracking Birmingham UK Our state of the art covert GPS/GPRS/GSM and RF tracking solutions have been exclusively designed for covert tracking of vehicles, persons or assets.

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We can accurately track anywhere in the world in real time. Trackers can be deployed covertly for long periods, Our trackers work across the globe using GPS/GPRS/RF and GSM. We use the latest cutting edge mapping technologies from Google and Microsoft.

This is available to all of our customers via an easy to use online private panel. This state-of-the-art combination of 3D maps, satellite images, and aerial photography is global. Users can instantly switch map type between the various Google and Microsoft views.

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Investigation Birmingham

Covert GPS Tracking Birmingham

With the use of our specialist covert vehicle trackers Private Investigators covert GPS tracking Birmingham will provide you with accurate tracking of vehicles or assets from any where in the world, from your smart phone or computer.

You will be able to view the location and speed of the vehicle, and a full history of the vehicle’s movements, when the vehicle has stopped, and how long it stopped for. You can also zoom in to see the lay-by, house or hotel where the vehicle is located.

Our covert GPS trackers Birmingham use the latest technology, very accurate and easy to conceal. The tracking panel uses the latest Google Mapping and allow you to zoom into the covert tracker.

Covert trackers Birmingham will deploy hidden GPS trackers at short notice across the UK

GPS trackers Birmingham is part of the OPS brand, established in 2006

Covert GPS Tracker Birmingham Report

The covert tracking system will save all tracker history allowing you to view the movements in your own time, but also making sure you never miss a movement. It is also possible to control the tracker from your mobile phone, by increasing or decreasing the tracking, also turning the tracker off to save power. Covert GPS Tracking Birmingham give you full access to the the trackers allowing you to delete data or retain data in the form of a report.

Why Use our covert GPS trackers Birmingham?

When you use Private Investigators Birmingham Covert GPS trackers, not only are you using the latest trackers you also receive 24/7 support from our duty private investigator. We will covertly deploy manage and extract the tracker across the UK. Providing you with a detailed GPS Tracking report.

Covert Surveillance Birmingham
Using Covert GPS trackers

When using covert GPS tracking Birmingham systems, they are often backed up with video surveillance evidence. Our surveillance operators, are able to deploy at short notice, we are all Ex Military surveillance specialists and will capture the evidence you need.

We are trained in all forms of covert surveillance and operate in rural or built up environments, using male and female surveillance operators.

We have surveillance cars, bikes, vans and taxi’s all fitted with many covert camera systems and supported with training OPS with long and short range HD cameras.

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Private Investigators Birmingham

John Dudhill a leading surveillance expert who gained his skills during his surveillance operations in the British Military

Private Investigators Birmingham are part of the OPS Services Ltd group. Formed and registered with Companies House UK in 2006.

Registered with many well known private Investigator Associations with the correct level of insurances, Registered with ICO FSB.

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