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Covert Surveillance Services Birmingham

Covert Surveillance Birmingham is considered to be among the best ways of identifying actual facts. This process offers video and photographic evidence and leaves hardly any room for doubt when investigating a case.

There are various reasons for which you might require surveillance services Birmingham. Some of them include the following: 
To catch a cheating partner
To monitor staff that are off sick
To obtain proof of domestic violence
To obtain proof of child abuse
To prove wrongful CSA claims
To obtain proof of anti social behaviour 
To prove fraudulent insurance claims

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Investigation Birmingham

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Investigation Birmingham

Comprehensive Covert Surveillance Birmingham

Covert surveillance Birmingham is not a new concept. it can be vital when conducting a professional investigation. covert surveillance will only be successful, if the surveillance operators are thoroughly trained in all aspects of covert physical follows. Vehicle surveillance and the use of the correct technical surveillance systems to capture the evidence.

When you hire Covert Surveillance Birmingham for covert surveillance, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We have several decades of experience in carrying out successful surveillance procedures in some highly dangerous environments. When we commit to a client, we are actually confident about doing the job. We are proud of our expertise in the area of covert surveillance, whether it is physical surveillance or technical Surveillance.

We use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment including covert GPS Tracking, Covert cameras and audio and video installations for monitoring activities. When carrying out surveillance on a particular person, we shall continue to follow them whether they are on foot or travelling by car or public transport till we have managed to obtain sufficient video or photographic evidence required to prove the case.

You can contact us directly and our surveillance team will discuss your case and advise on what appropriate actions can be taken.

Private Investigators Birmingham

Our investigations are geared to gather the evidence for our customers. Our private clients receive the same levels of service as our commercial clients, offering sound advice with confidentiality assured. All information obtained during the course of an investigation can be used in court if required as our investigators are professionally trained and qualified; importantly, they are of good character and credible witnesses.

Why come to us?

We are a leading private investigation & surveillance company who provide this service for many other investigation agencies, lawyers, private and commercial clients
We at Surveillance Birmingham come with a covert surveillance background, fully trained, with a thorough understanding of covert surveillance.

Who are Covert surveillance Birmingham?

On request, we can provide you with details of experience of your assigned covert surveillance operator or team. We are all Ex Military and trained to the highest level in all areas of covert surveillance.

Covert Surveillance Birmingham is part of the OPS brand, established in 2006

We operate across the UK, conducting Covert surveillance at short notice.

Our trained, qualified and experienced surveillance operators hold UK recognised qualifications.
We use professional grade equipment which means any footage obtained and detailed reports can be used in court if required.

We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 means we ensure your information is secure
We hold public liability and indemnity insurance. OPS

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Private Investigators Birmingham

John Dudhill a leading surveillance expert who gained his skills during his surveillance operations in the British Military

Private Investigators Birmingham are part of the OPS Services Ltd group. Formed and registered with Companies House UK in 2006.

Registered with many well known private Investigator Associations with the correct level of insurances, Registered with ICO FSB.

We are a British Investigations Company you can Trust