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Security & Investigation Specialists  with over 30 years of experience.

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Private Investigators Birmingham

Investigation Birmingham

As the countries leading Private Investigation and security specialists, we take experience from our backgrounds and apply it to the right investigation services that will provide you with the answer.

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Being Private Investigators operating from Birmingham we are able to conduct a wide range of services across the UK. We apply our naturally investigative mindset to our investigations.

Using the Private Investigator logic around security makes sound sense, especially when combined with decades of global conflict experience.

Investigators Birmingham is an all-round security provider comprising of ex-military personnel and other agencies who have gained experience in their specialised field with a portfolio of services which cover the investigations and security spectrum.

Private Investigators Birmingham currently provides investigation, and protection services for several industry leaders and private clients in the UK.

Private Investigators Birmingham is part of the OPS brand. OPS Services Ltd is a registered UK Company.
Registered with other governing bodies which would include the information commissioner’s office ICO
Hold liability insurance.

All personnel are qualified to the recognised British standard and will operate professionally across the globe.

We have personnel qualified in Electronic bug sweeping: which is the finding of technical covert surveillance devices such as Eaves dropping systems live and passive. The location of all forms of GPS tracking systems and the location of covert cameras.

Jamie specialises in computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, which is the recovery of different data held on the internal hard drive and sim cards or USB sticks. Jamie holds a science degree in computer science along with other British standard and recognised relevant qualifications.

Mark specialises in tracing people and assets along with other a wide range of due diligence and data investigations.

John; specialises in the deployment of covert cameras and eaves dropping devices

We have a team of male and female covert surveillance operators who operate across the UK at very short notice. All of us come from Military backgrounds and training.

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Private Investigators Birmingham

John Dudhill a leading surveillance expert who gained his skills during his surveillance operations in the British Military

Private Investigators Birmingham are part of the OPS Services Ltd group. Formed and registered with Companies House UK in 2006.

Registered with many well known private Investigator Associations with the correct level of insurances, Registered with ICO FSB.

We are a British Investigations Company you can Trust to get you the answers