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We are ex Military surveillance experts who set up our company in 2006, we conduct all forms of covert surveillance, we provide our clients with the highest quality footage and detailed professional reports.

Our surveillance is conducted for corporate and private clients, proving anything from fraudulent insurance claims to cheating partners. the principles are the same.

We use the highest quality equipment and will go the extra mile to get the result.

Everything we do for our clients remains completely confidential. we will use every tactic available to achieve our aim.

For an instant Quote and availability Please do not hesitate to call: 07855306775 we offer a 24/7 service.

Matrimonial surveillance, It is typically the uncertainty that’s the worst factor of a possible cheating partner.

Here at Investigation Birmingham, our surveillance investigators in Birmingham can eliminate the fears and will either set your mind at ease or offer you indisputable evidence to face the issue.

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If you have reason to believe that your partner may be having an affair, then speak to our matrimonial investigators in Birmingham.

We will help you gain the evidence you need or simply put your mind at rest.

Surveillance Investigators Birmingham

It can often be the smallest of changes in a partner’s habits the cause suspicion.

Perhaps you have noticed one of the following changes:

as your partner become secretive with their mobile phone?

  • Do you doubt your partners word? 
  • Has your partner started coming home from work later than usual?
  • Do they come home from work smelling of alcohol or perfume?
  • Are they taking more care of their appearance or started working out?

Our Matrimonial Investigators Birmingham will give you the answers you need.  

We appreciate the delicate and difficult problems that matrimonial investigations can bring to individuals.

We use covert trackers to assist during Surveillance operations.

Matramonial surveillace Birmingham

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Matrimonial Surveillance Birmingham is a part of the OPS brand, a well established company registered in the UK in 2006.  We offer a host of services which will help us capture the evidence you require.  

Surveillance Birmingham provide discrete and helpful outcomes to these personal problems.

We know that clients are not always looking for evidence to assist divorce procedures but on occasions, such information may help them through difficult decisions in their personal relationships.

surveillance Investigator Birmingham

Our matrimonial surveillance investigators Birmingham can provide evidence to successfully conclude matters relating to joint assets, access, custody of children, infidelity and in some cases only “peace of mind”.

As matrimonial surveillance investigators, we are wholly sensitive to the possible emotional issues which appertain in these matters and would hope to provide information that will assist in the right decisions being made.

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