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Part of the OPS brand, a well known name within the private investigators sector.

A high quality service at realistic prices. Our brand (OPS) was formed and registered in the UK in 2006, we have been conducting private investigations in Birmingham and across the UK ever since.

Who do we work for?

Private investigators Birmingham

conduct private investigations for corporate and private clients, law firms, local authorities and other Private investigators.

When conducting a private investigation for you, you can rest assured that the work remains completely confidential, discreet and professional, you will also be working with an experienced field agent and not a call operator.

private Investigators BirminghamPrivate investigator

Private investigators Services Birmingham are very much a hands on company, we are trained specialists with ex government level training, with some great references.

Should you wish to make any enquiries, please do not hesitate contact Private Investigators Birmingham 24/7 service, we are able to give free confidential advise.


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Private Investigators Birmingham

Electronic bug sweep

In Birmingham also known as Bug Sweeping or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures TSCM.This service will find all forms of surveillance devise being used against you. Covert cameras, eavesdropping, Covert GPS tracking systems or computer bugging software.

Covert camera installations

in Birmingham, also known as covert installation or covert deployment. This is the installation of Covert cameras or bugging (eavesdropping) technical devises. used to capture evidence Cheating partners, theft, fraud and neighbourhood dispute.

Computer monitoring in Birmingham 

is the covert installation of computer monitoring software or computer bugging. This is a specialist area and should not be tried out by untrained people, the risk of compromise would outweigh the cheep job. we capture all key logs, web sites visited, images viewed and more.

Computer Forensics Birmingham

is the retrieval of all data on a computer hard drive, this is also the recovery of deleted data.

Mobile phone forensics and monitoring

as with a computer we are also able to monitor mobile phones, recover data and locate mobile phones.

Surveillance Birmingham

We conduct a wide range of surveillance tasks in Birmingham and across the UK. Covert surveillance will provide you with video and still images to prove an activity.

Cheating partner, theft, fails insurance claim, company fraud. we will produce written reports and comprehensive statements to back our finding, supported with the very best equipment.

Covert GPS trackers Birmingham

We will deploy covert tracking systems to locate with accuracy vehicles, assets and in some cases people and pets. Covert trackers have become very popular when supporting a Surveillance task.

Tracing People Birmingham

Tracing missing people, lost friends, missing family or debt recovery.

We are able to trace people across the globe even when they are trying to hide.

We are also able to trace assets, property, debts, what are they worth? Call us at investigation Birmingham and we gather accurate information for you.

Cheating partner investigations may require surveillance of mobile phone monitoring, covert GPS Tracking.

Our investigations are designed to get you the result as quick as possible.

24/7 Call: 07855 306775

Part of the OPS brand, to find out more about the brand follow the link OPS Services Ltd

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