Birmingham Mobile Phone Forensics

Birmingham Mobile Phone Forensics is a popular service.

At Investigator Birmingham, it is one of our most demanded skills.

Mobile phone forensics is the retrieval and assessment of data obtained from a mobile phone, SIM cards and memory cards that are associated with the mobile phone.

International mobile phone usage has grown drastically in recent years.

With the ever increasing use and convenience, the unavoidable link from phone usage to clues about people’s whereabouts.

Birmingham mobile forensics has seen an increase in the demand for analysing international mobile phones.  

With one of the most diverse societies in the country, Birmingham mobile forensics are carried out quickly, discreetly and without charging the earth.
Phone forensics

Mobile Phone Forensic Services

Information that may be retrieved from a mobile phone includes, contact lists, SMS messages, address book entries, call logs, and location information. 

Mobile Phone Forensics is the forensic examination, analysis and reporting of data stored on mobile phone, memory cards and SIM cards.

This includes basic models.  Android, Windows, iPhone’s and Blackberrys for the presence of data.

Phone Forensics

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What can Birmingham Mobile Forensics do for your investigation

Using forensically we can extract, analyse and report this data into an easy to read report, all of which are validated to ensure they present the data exactly as it was stored.

We also examine and report on any mobile device for a lower cost in order to allow a more focussed evidential review of stored data.

Should an evidential report be required Investigators Birmingham are able to evidence the focused data for a quoted fee.

We can also advise on how best to direct your evidential requirements and how best to present your analysis data.

mobile phone forensics As with all our services we are able to offer a competitive rate for analysis.

 Reporting and a fast turnaround if required.

We are able to retrieve deleted data from a great deal of devices .

Mobile Phone Forensics Birmingham is part of the OPS brand, formed in 2006 by the current directors, ex military and police specialist background.

A team of investigators which you can trust. at Computer Forensic Birmingham we offer a 24/7 service. Call: 07855306775.

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