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Lie detector test Birmingham understands that you have a serious issue that needs to be addressed when searching for polygraph examiner in Birmingham and across the UK. Our experienced, highly qualified and professional examiners carryout Lie detector tests across Birmingham and the Midlands, they will provide you with highly accurate results, using the very latest computerised equipment and will ensure a high level of trust and privacy.

Here at Investigation Birmingham we are specialists in Lie Detector Tests and detecting deception in cases of fraud, theft, integrity screening, infidelity and cases of being wrongly accused.

Lie detector test complete…

Once the test is complete we will provide you with a confidential and un-biased test result with a full report. We will be happy to conduct test at home, office or even a private location of your choice.

A lie detector test can remove the doubt and get to the brunt of an issue, with no question of its validity.  Used in some criminal cases the science of a lie detector test is gaining momentum in the UK and is most commonly used against sex offenders.  As a part of the OPS Services brand we are able to offer a range of services to assist you in your investigation.

What is a Lie DetectorTest?
A lie detector test takes between 2 to 3 hours and consists of three phases; a pre-test interview, collection of charts, and analysis of charts. Lie Detector tests are the most fool proof method of testing if someone is being deceptive.

Pre-test interview & formulation of questions
During the pre-test interview the examiner will explain how the polygraph works, discuss the issue and develop and review all questions to be asked on the Lie Detector tests . This stage is normally the longest to complete, and will take anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes.

Lie detector test birmingham

Collection of Charts
During this phase the subject will be attached to the Lie Detector test. The set of questions which were developed during the pre-test interview will be asked 3 or 4 times.

Analysis of Charts
Once the examiner has collected the charts he will analyse the results before giving a decision as to the subjects truthfulness or deception to the given issue.

Will I know the questions to be asked on the Lie Detector test?
The examiner will construct questions from the information given by you to cover the specific issue. He will review the questions with you and make any changes to the questions to ensure that you both agree. All the questions will meet the strict rules for the latest polygraph techniques in accordance with the APA.

All questions are discussed with the subject thoroughly before the test commences and will be answered with a “yes” or “no” answer only.

How Does the Lie Detector Test Work?
The Lie Detector test works by tracing changes in a person’s physiological conditioning during questioning. These changes are recorded directly on to the polygraph charts in order that they can be reviewed. Some of the changes that occur may replicate those that have been linked with truth or deception for many years. These physiological changes have been the subject of various research projects and our examiners have undertaken many hours of Lie Detector Test chart analysis instruction to interpret them.

The Lie Detector Test charts are generated by attaching four components to the detector test

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