Covert Vehicle Tracking Birmingham

Covert Vehicle Tracking: With our specialist Covert GPS vehicle trackers and dedicated covert deployment team, our service, Vehicle Tracking Birmingham will help you track and trace the movements of a vehicle, 24/7, whether it is a company vehicle, partner’s vehicle, employee’s vehicle or even a business partner’s vehicle.  If you need Covert Vehicle Tracking in Birmingham then talk to us for a reasonable quote and a confidential quality service.

Call: 0845 5191011 Covert vehicle tracking 24/7 Call: 07855 306775

With our Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking service, you will be able to view the location and speed of the vehicle and a full history of the vehicle’s movements. When the vehicle has stopped you can even zoom in to see the lay-by, house or hotel, it has stopped at. We use the latest Google Mapping system with the full range of maps.

Covert Vehicle tracking Birmingham

We’re not just another vehicle tracking company. We can provide a blended solution across vehicles and mobile devices, extending your visibility both inside and away from the vehicle.

  • Standard & Advanced* covert tracking solutions (*Driver Behaviour)
  • Flexible tariffs based on your budget and fleet size
  • Basic Training and Phone & Email Support included
  • Track private vehicles used for business purposes (grey-fleet) on the same platform
  • We will also covertly deploy the GPS tracker for you.

Covert vehicle tracking birmingham

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Covert Tracker Portal

Please see below an illustration of our user friendly online portal, which you can use to monitor all vehicles you are tracking. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Log onto your covert tracker Click Here

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